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Advocate. Collaborate. Strength Based. Child Centered. Whole Person Approach

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Shanél Valley Academy School Counselor

I believe that collaboration with all stakeholders is vital to student success.
I believe that providing a child centered approach will allow children the opportunity to self-advocate and be heard.
I believe in using a strength- based approach. We must look at what each child does well, instead of focusing on the child’s weakness. This will build self-confidence and help the child grow emotionally and academically.  
I believe changing school climate/culture allows for a safe, compassionate, empathetic environment for children to feel free to express themselves.
I believe that as a school counselor it is my duty to advocate, nurture, and provide quality and lasting social/emotional support to all students and families


"Growth happens when you live life outside your comfort zone"


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As the Shanel Valley Academy School Counselor I am here to assist the students and their families!

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